June 29 2017

2018 Honda Accord: it gets even better

By Portland Street Honda

2018 Honda Accord: it gets even better

It is certainly uncommon for a vehicle to be the best-selling in its segment in the same year it is to be replaced by a new generation, but that is exactly what we see with the Honda Accord. Indeed, Honda's mid-size sedan has been the top-selling model in its segment since the beginning of the year, and later this year Honda will introduce the 10th generation of the popular Accord, a generation that promises to offer even more to consumers.

A brand new 2018 Honda Accord with even more of what buyers want

The new 2018 Honda Accord will offer more powerful and fuel-efficient engines, a new automatic transmission that is exclusive for the segment, and an even more aggressive style. This is what the Japanese manufacturer announced this week by unveiling the new Accord for the first time.

We still don’t know everything about the new Accord. We do know, however, that three engines will be offered, and that these engines have been significantly improved over the current model’s powertrain.

The first engine will be a four-cylinder 1.5-liter turbo that can be paired with a CVT or a six-speed manual transmission. Honda has not confirmed the power of this engine, but it will probably be similar to that of the four-cylinder turbo that powers the brand new CR-V. The latter offers 190 horsepower and 179 lb-ft of torque.

The big news, however, is the 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that will likely replace the V6 engine in the current Accord. This new turbo engine will be paired with a 10-speed automatic transmission, making it the only 10-speed in the segment. Paired with the 2.0-liter engine, it promises to offer impressive performance while also being a lot more fuel-efficient than the current V6, which is already impressive enough in terms of efficiency and power.

Finally, the hybrid engine will also be back. The latter still uses a two-motor electric system, but Honda says the technology has been significantly improved. 

Several improvements made to the design of the 2018 Honda Accord 

The 2018 Honda Accord will be more powerful and more fuel-efficient, in addition to offering a segment-exclusive, highly-efficient gearbox. That will be the starting point, but according to Honda, the new Accord also promises to offer a more aggressive style, and new advanced technologies.

With the 2017 Honda Accord, which continues to be popular even years after its launch, and the new 2018 Honda Accord approaching, Honda is certainly able to meet the needs of consumers looking for a sedan that requires no compromises.

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