May 31 2019

2019 Honda Insight: The Normal Hybrid


2019 Honda Insight: The Normal Hybrid

Here’s the thing about hybrids: They look like hybrids. And that’s fine for some owners, but for others, they want their fuel efficient, planet-conscious ride to look just like the rest of the vehicles on the road.

Enter the 2019 Honda Insight.

Here’s a sedan that’s not only fuel efficient and environmentally friendly, but it’s also great to drive (because it’s a Honda) and it looks good, too.  

Gone is the Civic Hybrid, and in its place is the 2019 Honda Insight, which is actually based on the same bones as the Civic, despite being notably larger (both wider and longer). And while the Insight is based on the Civic’s underpinnings, it most definitely looks different, and in all the right ways. Honestly, this might be the least-looking-hybrid hybrid currently on the road, and that’s perfectly fine. Honda has even managed to inject a little muscularity to the Insight with a beefy hood and a rear that’s slightly elevated to give the illusion it’s about to pounce.  

Of course, the most interesting facts when it comes to a hybrid are the mileage numbers and performance. So, the 2019 Honda Insight is equipped with a 1.5L engine paired with an electric motor to produce 151 horsepower and 197 lb-ft of torque. On its own, the gas engine produces only 107 ponies, and the entire system is paired to a CVT. This whole system can hit just 4.5L/100km combined.  

Inside, the 2019 Honda Insight is typically Honda in all the right ways. Comfortable and concise, the front seats offer a great vantage point for the drive as well as access to an actual volume knob (something customers have asked for in the Civic and other Honda models for some time now). And there is of course the rather unique Honda push-button gear select, which is a great conversation starter and extremely easy to use, as well.

In all, the 2019 Honda Insight offers all the benefits of a great hybrid without the overtly different exterior design. To find out more about this great looking little hybrid and all it has to offer, head down to your local Portland Street Honda to speak to one of our experts, and don’t forget to book a test drive, too.

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