December 29 2015

Extreme Satisfaction

By Terry Hepditch

A quick note to express my extreme satisfaction with the Honesty and Service I received at your location today.

Jeff Johnston was the representative who provided the great service and to be truthful, Jeff restored my faith in dealing with Service Centers. You often hear people complain about how they felt they were “taken’ by their last visit to have their car serviced. In my case, I brought the car in for a routine oil change. I mentioned the brakes were having issues but were to be replaced by my mechanic as I was advised on the day I booked the appointment that Brakes were not included in the maintenance package I had with my Civic. When Jeff looked at the kms on the vehicle, 34,400 kms, he mentioned it might be covered under a warranty of 30,000 kms/36 month ownership. He then went the extra mile to verify this and sure enough I was having my brakes repaired with no cost to me. Jeff didn’t have to do this but he went the extra mile to investigate and get the desired result.

This type of service and honesty will definitely keep me coming back to Portland Street Honda in the future. This coupled with the exceptional service I received from Larry Miles when the vehicle was first purchased

Good on Portland Street Honda for hiring employees with integrity!