January 19 2017

It's time to Stop by The Bistro at Portland Street Honda

By Portland Street Honda – Portland Street Honda Insight Newsletter

It's time to Stop by The Bistro at Portland Street Honda

At 6:30 each morning Josh begins to prep his kitchen for the inevitable morning rush. “I would say the morning is our busiest time by far; we have a lot of people who come in just for the breakfast sandwiches,” Josh tells me, just in time for a Honda Technician to walk by the cafe and announce “best breakfast sandwiches in the city!”

The catch, of course, is that this isn’t some trendy downtown coffee shop. The location of these “best breakfast sandwiches..” is, in fact, a small bistro located in the customer lounge at Portland Street Honda.

Shortly after opening their Baker Drive location in Dartmouth, Portland Street Honda set up a small cafe inside their dealership to serve their loyal customers and staff. Early last year the dealership underwent a massive interior redesign, which meant turning the small cafe, into a swanky new bistro.

“We’re here for convenience” Josh reminds me. “Everything is homemade, and we try to meet a broad range of dietary concerns every day.”

Breanna (who you’ll find behind the bistro counter afternoons and weekends) has taken on the challenge of preparing the baked goods each and every day. “Everything sells out so fast! When we started, we had no idea how popular the baked goods would be; now it’s just a matter of trying to keep up with demand, while still staying creative and fresh.”

The new bistro has been up and running at Portland Street Honda since September of 2016 and offers breakfast, lunch, daily specials, baked goods and meals to go, as well as FREE Starbuck Premium Coffee.

The menu is always evolving, and both Josh and Breanna are always interested in hearing suggestions from patrons about what they should do next.

We highly recommend you stop by the bistro at Portland Street Honda and try a few menu items for yourself. The food is great, and you’ll always get Fun and Friendly service (they’ll even let you take photos of your food).


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