June 22 2018

Small City Heroes: Heather Lomas

By Portland Street Honda

Small City Heroes: Heather Lomas

Heather Lomas at a recent Gutsy Walk on June 3rd when she was chairing the barbeque and sampling the product.

"She has seen so many young lives affected by this disease and I think she just cares so much about her work."

Heather Lomas was described to us as being "tireless in her efforts to find a cure for Inflammatory Bowel Disease."

In 2016 Heather retired (after 30 years) as Nurse Coordinator of the IWK Health Centre GI Clinic, where she would see kids every day who have encountered challenges related to IBD, and it seems that strengthened her dedication to helping to improve treatment and find a cure.

At work, she would find ways of talking with kids that makes them feel special and comfortable at the clinic. Then, following her shift at the hospital (as well as evenings and weekends) she would focus her energy on raising money for Crohns and Colitis Canada to help find a cure (a group she is still active with today).

Heather has been involved with the GUTSY Walk (a charity event raising funds for Crohn's and Colitis Canada) for over 21 years and does everything she can to bring attention to the event, and the organization.

He dedication and commitment to the cause make her a true Small City Hero. She spent her career going above and beyond to help people, and today she is still working hard to support those with IBD, simply because it's in her nature. Bravo Heather!