June 12 2018

Small City Heroes: Ryan Rutledge

By Portland Street Honda

Small City Heroes: Ryan Rutledge

"Ryan's dedication to serving his community is unparalleled."

Ryan Rutledge is always ready to serve the residents of his community. At just 24 years old his hard work and positive attitude combined with his steadfast volunteerism have demonstrated an admirable commitment to his community.

As a teen, Ryan developed his skills as a community-minded leader through his work with the Boys and Girls club. As the years passed his involvement in the community and volunteer work grew exponentially, and he began to build a reputation as a mentor and friend.

Today, Ryan is Vice President/Treasurer of the Board and Co CEO of Connexions; an organization he helped found; focused on helping communities reach their full potential by facilitating
programs and offering online & onsite resources to children and
youth, schools, families, leaders, small businesses, and local non-profits.

Ryan also serves on the Parent-teacher organization for Colonel John Stuart Elementary, The School Advisory Council for Colonel John Stuart Elementary, The Kinsmen Dartmouth board and starting next September he will be working with schools to provide leadership programs (through Connexions).

Though Ryan does not personally have any children, he has offered support and guidance to a large number of youth in the community. "He has always been a role model and mentor for kids who are considered marginalized youth; if they were in trouble, Ryan was someone who they could turn to without a doubt, and he would make sure they were safe and headed in the right direction. He's always there for 'his kids'." Ryan has become somewhat of a celebrity among 'his kids', as they know they can count on him for leadership, support, and the occasional great joke.

Ryan "stops" very rarely. His days are packed with volunteering, mentoring, BEd studies at Mount Saint Vincent University, and helping to build Connexions into an organization that can offer support and guidance to communities throughout Nova Scotia.

Ryan has seen the impact that strong leaders and dedicated volunteers can make in the community, and he has used that as fuel for his hard work. He is a Small City Hero because he uses every available opportunity to get to work on helping all communities flourish, and make his "Small City" even better then it was the day before.

To learn more about the great work that Ryan and the team at Connexions are doing, visit: http://myconnexions.ca/