June 15 2018

Small City Heroes: Stephen and June Jones

By Portland Street Honda

Small City Heroes: Stephen and June Jones

"Steve and June have big hearts. They genuinely care about people."

Stephen and June Jones have been making sure "people who want a hot meal, get a hot meal" as part of "Feed the Need" for over 15 years. The pair lead the weekly supper program that serves hot meals to those in need through the Salvation Army in Halifax.

Each "supper" starts early in the morning with grocery shopping and visit to the food bank. Then, the afternoon is spent preparing the meal with the help of additional volunteers from throughout the community.

By the time the doors open for dinner (usually around 5pm or so) their team will ready to serve hot meals (complete with hot drinks and dessert) to a group that generally ranges in size from 60-70 people.

Many of the people who get meals from Feed the Need are returning from previous weeks. They have fallen on hard times in one way or another and are happy to have a hot meal to help them through.

In an article written for the Salvation Army website, Captain Tim Andrews was quoted as saying “Feed the Need is one of the strongest programs we have at Halifax Citadel Community Church, It is a privilege to be able to serve our community this way.”

It is clear that Stephen and June care about their community, but to turn that caring into such a major commitment and contribution is certainly admirable.