February 22 2016

Spotlight: Larry Miles

By Portland Street Honda

Spotlight: Larry Miles

Originally from the North End of Dartmouth, Larry Miles started off a relatively shy kid from a military family. Eight years after joining the Portland Street Honda team, however, Larry is anything but shy. “Customers know this is a friendly place to do business. If you are not having fun when you are dealing with me, then I am in trouble. There are too many other people around to sell you a car, so it is important that each customer feels like I am friendly and honest.” Larry says that honesty is one of the most important aspects of his approach to sales, “I do not lie, it does not feel right, and it will just turn around and bite you in the long run.”

Larry says that he has always wanted to sell Honda vehicles and that after seeing how Portland Street Honda was run, he knew it was the place for him. “When I first started here I saw a man on his hands and knees helping to clean one of the vehicles. I found out later that day that the man was one of the owners. When you have one of the owners on his hands and knees cleaning vehicles it makes you think “if he is willing to do that, why wouldn’t I?” Since then, if there’s something that needs to get done around here I just do it, that is how this place works.”

Larry says that with the rapid and impressive changes taking place with the Honda lineup, it is also important that he be a wealth of knowledge for his customers. “If someone needs help, I’ll do my best to help them, and I am willing to impart knowledge. I want to do whatever I can so that clients feel comfortable making the decision that is right for them. I tell my clients up front that If they ask me a question I do not know the answer to, I will find out. I am not afraid to ask someone else for the answer, and I am not about to lie or making something up. The technology we have now in these cars, many people have no idea how it all works. It is important that everyone who drives off the lot be aware, and knows how to use all the features in their new Honda. I am learning every day. Often I just sit in the car itself and learn all the different commands and features by physically doing it. It is one thing to “understand the vehicle” but it is another thing to actually feel what it is like to be the client sitting behind the wheel. We also share information widely in the dealership. If someone learns something new, he or she teaches everyone else about it.”

Outside of work, Larry dedicates all of his time to his wife and four children. “Anyone you ask will tell you I am a family man. If a client comes into the dealership at the last minute, I will stay and help them for as long as they need me to, but once I head home for the day, my focus is 100% on my family. Sitting around the table and hearing all the different stories from my kids about their day, or taking them to soccer or hockey or even skiing now, it is all entertaining to me, and I love it. I live in Elmsdale; the commute is the same as it would be if I lived in the city, but I can avoid the traffic, and my kids don’t have to worry about the congestion. At night, there is no light pollution or city noise. I can plug my phone into the charger when I get home and just purely enjoy spending time my family.”

There has never been a better time to visit Portland Street Honda.

If you are looking for an honest, informative, fun and friendly car shopping experience, then paying a visit to Larry Miles is a must.


  • linda harris | 23-May-2019 4:30:54 PM
    HI Larry I was referred to you by Sean Watt. I'm looking to buy a used vehicle around $10,000. It would need to be an AWD. I'm flying into Halifax tomorrow morning and looking to buy a vehicle within the next few days. Please call be when you get a moment. Thanks Linda 780.886.4802

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