December 30 2015

Spotlight: Leo Power

By Portland Street Honda

Spotlight: Leo Power

Originally from the eastern shore, Leo Power joined the Air Force and moved to Ontario at the age of 17. 2 years, 9 months and 11 days later, he left the Air Force and eventually made his way back to the Maritimes where he has worked in the car business for over  40 years.

Leo has been with Portland Street Honda for what will be five years in March. “I was in the car business a long time, management and everything and then Joey Burke (General Manager for Portland Street Honda) brought me in and got me selling cars,“  When asked about his time at Portland Street Honda Leo said  “I have a lot of faith in the product. I've been through a lot with other types of cars, but at Honda you do not have to worry about that, the maintenance on a Honda car is probably the lowest it’s ever been. Plus, everyone gets along really well.  I am proud to work here. This is the best place to buy a car. It’s a great product, but the whole atmosphere here is 2nd to none. I’ve been in other dealerships,  and this is the best place by far.”

Leo’s success likely has a lot to do with his approach to car sales. When asked about selling cars he said “First thing, I try to do, is ask the customer what they’re going to use the car for. What is their routine? What kind of lifestyle do you have (kids, etc.)?  What do you need the car for? What are they looking for in terms of price range? You just sit back and listen to what they’re saying and then find something that best suits what they are looking for. People come in afraid based on what they've heard about car salesman, and I make sure to make them feel at ease. I’m not real pushy; I just listen to what their needs are.”

Leo admits “the tough thing about the car business is if you want to do a good job you’ve got to put long hours in.” When not at work, however, Leo enjoys hunting, fishing and spends many of his weekends involved in harness racing. He also enjoys spending time with his two daughters and five grandchildren whenever possible.

One of Leo’s greatest strengths is that he is open-minded and easy to get along with. “I think people just relax around me, and that’s nice,” Leo says “The goal is to see someone drive away happy in their new car. If they’re happy and excited when they come to pick up their car then so am I.”


If you’re looking for a new or used vehicle, give Leo Power a call today. You can also come into Portland Street Honda to meet Leo in person of course, “My office is right by the back door, it couldn't be any easier than that.”


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