December 30 2015

Spotlight: Tony Millard

By Portland Street Honda

Spotlight: Tony Millard

Born and raised in the rural English county of Leicestershire, Tony Millard began his career doing technical and development work on classic sports cars (as well as some racing vehicles). He traveled throughout the UK, Europe, and the United States, working on sports cars, attending trade shows and even occasionally racing (his preference is a track that involves going around a lot of corners). Despite the fantastic amount of fun he had early in his career, he and his wife (an IT manager for a national newspaper in the UK at the time) rarely saw each other. It was with that in mind, that, during a vacation to Nova  Scotia in the 1999, the couple decided to emigrate here (Dartmouth, Nova Scotia).  

Shortly after his arrival in Nova Scotia, Tony discovered Portland Street Honda. He knew that he had to do something with cars, and he says that the Honda product, and how he was treated by PSH made for a great match. He has enjoyed himself here ever since (for over 15 years).

Tony credits the customers and staff with creating such a rewarding experience at the dealership, “It’s a fun and friendly place to do business. We all really enjoy coming to work, and we have a number of repeat customers.” The key Tony says, is to “keep in touch with your customers, follow up, and be happy.”

When asked about the Honda vehicles, and what his earlier years of technical and development work have taught him, he said “I know the mechanical stuff under the skin, I know how a vehicle works, I know what makes it tick. I know when I see a vehicle what kind of a suspension system it has, and Honda makes a (darn) good suspension system.”

“The engineering under the skin is great. Honda is still run by engineers; that’s a good thing, cause the cars are fun to drive. There are a lot of “good” cars out there, but my (goodness) they’re dull. You’re just buying 18 foot of car, it’s like white goods. Hondas have got soul, and they’re really getting their mojo back.”

When asked what he drives Tony replied “I’ve got three Hondas now; they’re fun to drive, and I LIKE to drive.” Tony has a Ridgeline truck; His wife has a CR-V and he also has an S2000 convertible which he uses during the sunnier months.

When asked which vehicle was his favorite he said, “The S2000 is my favorite that’s a no-brainer really.” He continued,  “ My wife loves the CR-V. We travel all over the province in it. We’re very active with ornithology, bird watching. We’re both directors of the Nova Scotia Bird Society. We go down tracks and across places the CR-V was never designed to go, and it gets through it just fine. The Ridgeline Truck, phenomenal piece of equipment. It does everything that the big SUV’s do in comfort and does everything a truck does as well.”

Tony lives in Seaforth with his wife of 30 years and their two indoor cats. He loves gardening, nature and enjoys a good glass of wine. “I love French wine. My wife and I have both vacationed in France, and I’ve taken several trips there from the age of 14. I’ve had great holidays in France, and I just love French wine. But, some of the Nova Scotia wines are pretty impressive. The trilogy and some of the whites are just phenomenal. They’re really coming along well.”

The passion that Tony has for music is undeniable. He grew up with huge amounts of punk rock, new wave and “weird electric stuff”. He is currently rediscovering Pink Floyd (and loving it) and even mildly getting into hip hop. “My first date with my wife was to see a band called The Jam, and we still listen to them now.” Tony admits he has never quite mastered playing a musical instrument, “I’ve got a lovely guitar my wife bought me years ago, it’s on a stand in one of our rooms. It looks great, but I can’t play the thing. I can go to an old triumph sports car, listen to it and know what’s wrong with that engine. I can take a quick drive and tell you what the vehicle needs. That, I’m in tune with, but I can’t play an instrument.”

Tony says that if he left Portland Street Honda he’d miss dealing with the customers, “ I enjoy chatting with them, it’s great fun. You can’t please everyone; no one has ever pleased everyone, it’s impossible, but I try.”

Tony would like to extend an invitation to everyone to come in for a chat and talk about their car. If you have a Honda vehicle, or you think you might be in the market for one, be sure to come by Portland Street Honda and pay a visit to Tony Millard (Winner of the Honda Council of Sales Leadership for 14 years straight) today!


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