December 20 2017

The biggest Cars R US Toy Drive yet!

By Portland Street Honda Newsletter

The biggest Cars R US Toy Drive yet!

For over 18 Cars R Us has been collecting toys and delivering them (with the help of the Salvation Army) each Christmas to families in need throughout Sackville and HRM.

Gary and Evelyn Shea started the toy drive to help kids in the community have a slighter merrier Christmas. "We have our own kids, and the thought that other kids wouldn't have the something for Christmas didn't seem right," Evelyn told us. "The first year, we collected 20 toys, and now we've grown to a size where we serve over 500 families."

After 18 years, the Toy Drive has become a holiday tradition, with a number of families and businesses having offered their support. "I'm almost overwhelmed by the number of toys" Evelyn admits, pointing to the wall of toys in the Cars R US showroom. "We have companies like Portland Street Honda bringing in donations from their customers and staff, and we also have individual members of the community that buy extra toys, or no longer have kids to buy for, so they pick up a few toys and bring them in. Thier is an elderly couple that comes in, and they buy toys for the toy drive together instead of exchanging gifts."

Once all the toys are collected, they will be taken to the Cobequid Centre, where volunteers will set them up on display and invite families in need to come in and pick out what they want. "It's almost like we're helping to stock the shelves of a toy store. The parents still get to pick out thoughtful gifts and give their kids a memorable Christmas." Once the families at the Cobiquid Center have made their selections, the Salvation Army will collect the remaining toys and take them to families throughout the rest of HRM.

Portland Street Honda is incredibly proud to be part of such a fantastic event. We look forward to participating next year and encourage other local companies and business to lend their support in coming years to such a worthy cause. There is no better Christmas gift you can receive then sharing with (or supporting) those who are in need.

Thank you to everyone who supported the toy drive this year, and a very Merry Christmas!


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